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Recovering Marriages and Families after a Spouse's Alcohol-Drug Addiction or Relapse, so that they may be Reunited as One-Flesh in Mind, Body + Spirit.


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Welcome to Our Fellowship.

Michael and Shannon are the Founders of Addictive Marriage Material (A.M.M.), your go-to Ministry with the foundation of scripture coupled with the latest science on addiction. (As seen on 700 Club Canada.)

In fifteen years, we've lived every season between active addiction and active recovery in dating, marriage, parenting, separation, and reconciliation, with all the "extra" thrown in as both the addicted and sober partner.

Our Mentorship is Unique: We heal and prepare the wife and husband separately and simultaneously for how God intended Marriage to be, believing that we must equip ourselves to face the resistance because through it, there is great reward.

Marriage is not a requirement for Mentorship. If you are a woman
who needs healing from someone else's addiction; or if you are a man
(3+ months sober) maintaining your recovery, you are in the right place.

"Sober Sister Identity Recovery Course" Waitlist NOW OPEN for May 2023. Sign up through our Contact Page with the subject line "IDENTITY."

  • The Double-M is what we are all about: Waking up more than once in your Recovery, Marriage, and Walk with Christ.

  • Christ-Honoring Alternative to the 'Big A's' or other 'Self Help' groups that often leave you feeling like there is more.

  • Where treatment centers focus on sobriety, they do not teach Relational Reconciliation after addiction crisis or relapse. This is where A.M.M. comes in. We believe in a mutually healthy transition back into the home for both partners.

In a culture that mocks both God and covenant marriage, we bring "Family" back to basics in God's Design for husbands and wives.
Our Hearts are unified in raising up the next generation in Faith, which starts in the home.

  • We Believe: Recovery is an active, lifelong process. (Sanctification)
  • We Recognize: The Sober Spouse has their own Recovery Journey.
  • We Embrace: Marriage Under God Alone. Idols must flee.
  • We Understand: We are for you, not against you.
  • We Are: Living Proof that God saves and softens hearts.
  • We Do Not Judge: Sober Spouses who must choose between following God and a toxic relationship.

Truth Makes Transformation Possible.

A.M.M. is not about waking up once, but every time you find yourself falling asleep in your Recovery, Marriage, and Walk with Christ.

Maybe you have been sleeping for far too long, and don't know where to find that extra shot of spiritual caffeine.

These are Your Grounds for Growth.


Founder of A.M.M.

Michael has 16 years of experience in the recovery climb from alcohol and drug addiction and with that, is equipped to guide the recovery process. Nine years without God, and seven years with God, has revealed to him the blind spots in both secular and church approach. He has sponsored men and spoken at churches, jails and shelters. His mission is to bring light to the darkness.


Founder of A.M.M.

Shannon's heart is invested in mentoring women through the healing and recovery process from the partner-of-the-addict's perspective. She understands the peaks and valleys of addiction and recovery in all seasons and invites you into Fellowship with her. She is committed to coming alongside women, beloved by God single, separated, divorced or married, on their healing journey. Together, she and her husband serve to combat circumstance and statistics with scripture and spirit, and broken hearts with hope.

1:1 Coaching with Shannon

Sober Wife Mentor

Sober Wives Recovery + Relationship Reconciliation | 12 Week Package | 1 Call Per Week | 45 Minutes Each | PDFs + "Soulwork" | We want to be a good fit. Request an Application via email for our consideration.

1:1 Coaching with Mike

Addiction + Husband Mentor

Recovery Maintenance + Relationship Reconciliation | 12 Week Package | 1 Call Per Week | 45 Minutes Each | PDFs + "Soulwork" | We want to be a good fit. Request an Application via email for our consideration.

2:2 Marriage Mentorship

Mike (Husband Recovery) + Shannon (Wife Recovery)

Relationship Restoration | 12 Week Package | 1 Call Per Week | 45 Minutes Each | We want to be a good fit. Request an Application via email for our consideration.

What Coaching Is + Isn't

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. | What Coaches Aren't: Therapists or Doctors


New Applications Opening Soon Our Marriage Recovery Mentorship Takes Recovery to the Next Level.


Book us to speak for your church live or over ZOOM through our contact page. Willing to travel depending on schedule.


We support Christian businesses. Contact us to inquire about wearing your apparel and accessories.

+ Beat Odds With Us Are You Ready to Recover Your Marriage? It begins with your own individual recovery journey. Stay Connected + Reach Out Do Not Remain in Isolation

The reality is, most marriages do not survive an addiction crisis or betrayal. We've done that, but we strive to not just survive it, but thrive in our marriage. Let us help you do the same.

Let's uncover and recover your love for life and one another, together.

"Alcohol Addiction is the third most common reason for divorce filings from wives. It decreases marital satisfaction greatly. It also increases the chance of domestic violence both verbally and physically, and it is one of the more common reasons couples seek marriage counseling.


On your road to recovery, Michael and Shannon provide a Marriage Recovery Mentorship as well as one on one coaching for both the Husband in Recovery and the Sober Wife.

You don't have to travel this road alone. They've been there, and they've found a way out and now they're ready to help you do the same!"

Chris + Jamie @expedition_marriage

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